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Madame Gougousse

Gives Back

Through great partnerships,  Madame Gougousse has been involved in the community for many years. By donating food  or by working side by side with wonderful people to bring clean water to households,Madame Gougousse will always be in favor of a stronger and better community.   

Our Partners

Buildd  a Better Tomorrow is dedicated to improving the lives of children and their families in need. The organisation is doing it one child, one family at a time… with donated food, with counseling on the consequences of malnutrition and providing a food bank for the underprivileged.

BLUE MISSIONS GROUP helps communities grow and succeed by working with them, hand-in-hand, to acquire the basic rights of water and sanitation. Through education and participation, they motivate and empower the youth to go out and make a difference in the world by serving those less fortunate.

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